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Under certain instances you'll be required to increase limits to the PHP Configuration, this can be to; increase maximum upload sizes, amount of time processes can run, the amount of memory scripts are able to use and many more scenarios. 

Specifically in cases of running WordPress or other pre-coded Scripts you'll be asked to increase some of these values for example, The "PHP Memory limit" (memory_limit). 

The memory_limit is a setting managed by the PHP Options which max amount of memory a script may use. This value should be at least as big as the (post_max_size) variable. 

1) First, Login to your cPanel account for the specific domain in question (Note: this is not the main WHM account, rather the specific cPanel for the domain in question).

2) Either use the Search function in the top right to look for "MultiPHP INI Editor" OR Scroll Down to the "Software" Section and locate "MultiPHP INI Editor" in that section.

3) Select it, it will bring you to the page to configure your values. You will see a drop down selection saying "Select a location" and will give you either the Home Directory or the domain name you want to modify. 

4) You will be shown the different options you may modify;


To Specify GB use X to Specify MB use M

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